“Completed the Double to celebrate my 40th birthday. What an amazing event – expertly organised with a huge range of ‘interesting’ obstacles.”

“I’m proud to have a season pass and I think moving forward I’ll have one each year.”

“Had a great day yesterday, was my 3rd time. Battered and bruised today…. but have signed up for next year!”

“Booked my 5th Dirty Weekend last Sunday morning whilst lay in my tent recovering from the Seb Fontaine afterparty!”

“Absolutely terrifying!! But doing it again next year!!”

“Awesome afterparty, had the place bouncing. Loved it.”

“Obstacles are tough, water jump is terrifying, slide at the end is amazing !!!!!”

“All the marshalls were encouraging. TOP JOB RAT RACE … see you next year.”

“Great day, evening, night….. totally enjoyed it all!”


“Well done rat crew for an epic weekend. If nexts year is as half as good as this weekends it going to be an epic one / I’m Booked for next year- bring it on”

“I was 100% as scared as I looked but can’t wait to get back next year!”

“I truly can’t get over how each year they just get better and better.”

“It’s incredible! You’re in for a treat, Dirty Weekend is the best event my Mrs & I do.”


It’s midday on Sunday in May, and several dishevelled Mudstaclites are hobbling out of a campsite in the picturesque grounds of Burghley House. One is limping, carrying a muddied yellow flag, another, a crumpled paddling pool… read more

Something I Like

One of the highlights of my year so far has been, without a doubt, Rat Race Dirty Weekend. An obstacle course race…of course. Held in the absolutely stunning grounds of Burghley House, this 20 mile event included 200 obstacles and an absolute ton of different terrains. read more

Life and Lifting

Dirty Weekend – where the word “can’t” doesn’t exist…  It seems to be Rat Race’s ‘thing’ to descend upon quiet, un-assuming villages nestled in the country and unleash the thunder for a weekend. Dirty Weekend is no exception. read more


Last weekend it happened again. Such a weekend where you look throughout the year and are wondering if it is still outdo after the great success of last year? We are talking about Dirty Rat Race Weekend! view more

Mudd Matters

I can’t actually remember when it was that I first heard about Rat Race Dirty Weekend but I do recall thinking “Wow, that’s extreme – I need to do it”. 20 miles and 200 obstacles…what’s not to love?! read more

Andy Barnett

The Rat Race Dirty Weekend at Burghley. Thanks to all the marshalls who helped make the Rat Race such a fantastic experience.’ watch the video